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 Cash Register Buying Guide Published:  , 0000  

HOTPOS Cash register buyers guide

Single or Twin Roll Printer.

Basic tills such as the Javelin CS-100, Casio 130CR, Sharp XE-A102 and Samsung ER-150 are single roll machines, with very basic print detail. They will only show a price enter against a department number. Detail such as refund, void etc is normally pre-fixed against the price printing with characters such as V, VD or RF. These types of single roll tills are ideal for keeping a journal (detail of transaction) only. Run as a receipt the detail is pretty low and not suitable to give out as a customer receipt. Due to the low impact of the printer these types of tills will not run a carbon copy style till roll. (e.g. keeping constant receipt and journal)

If you need a receipt and journal, but don't want to spend too much on a twin roll (receipt and journal roll) you could either go for a till capable of running a twin ply paper & carbon copy roll (constant receipt and journal). The Sam4s ER290 has a dot matrix printer to handle the thickness of 2 ply receipt paper. Alternatively, go for a thermal (see thermal printing) paper receipt printing till with an electronic journal (see electronic journal)

Electronic Journal

Many new single roll thermal printing keep the sales data that would normally be printed to a journal roll in the tills memory electronically. The till has a limitation on the amount of sales that can be recorded (journal memory) and can either be set to fill up, or overwrite earlier entries. The journal data can be printed out on a regular basis on the thermal printer to keep a detailed record. Some models. Consider the SAM4s ER-380M, Javelin CS300 or the SAM4s ER-390M

Thermal Printing

Most new models of Cash Register have a thermal printer. Thermal printers and quicker, quieter and more reliable. The paper is easier to fit as it normally will automatically feed, or just drop in to the printer compartment. Thermal paper works by a heated printer head coming into contact with the paper, just like the operation of a fax machine.

Departments (or Groups)

Departments can be used to produce financial breakdown reports to show how much has been sold to a particular department. You may need to look a tills specification to see that you have enough departments. Not all departments may be on the keyboard of the machine and items which are referenced by a PLU number or Barcode can be linked to departments not on the keyboard, but in memory.

E.g clothing departments may be Menswear, Ladies, T-Shirts, Hats, Shoes etc.

E.g Pub departments may be Draught Beer, Bottled Beer, Spirits, Starters, Main Courses etc.

In using the till you would enter the price of the object and then press the department key.

If you intend to use items on the till e.g PLU items or Bar-coded products this will always be linked to a department.


PLU stands for Price Look Up, and is used as a reference code to a product. A product used on a cash register consists of a Description, Selling Price and link to a DepartmentGroup.

A Barcode is the same as a PLU code, e.g. a numeric reference number to a Product being sold

On preset style hospitality or retail till, the PLU product can be placed on the Flat keyboard for quick reference.

Tills which use PLU can produce a PLU report. Such a report can show you how many items have been sold by PLU since the last time the report was taken. This can be used for checking stock!

Barcodes and Scanning

In order to be able to scan a product you will need to programme the Cash Register to recognise the Bar-code. This can either be carried out by entering the bar-code into a software utility or stock control software package and sending the item to the cash register memory via an RS-232 serial link cable from your PC, or by using the Cash Register as a stand alone system and putting the till into a programme mode, then entering a description, selling price and department link. Popular scannign machines are the Sam4 ER380M, Sam4 ER390M, Sam4 ER420M, Sam4 ER430M, Sam4 ER5200M, Sam4 ER650 and the Sam4 ER600,

Tills which can be programmed stand alone for Bar-code set-up via an optional scanner

Machines which can be set-up with barcodes via an optional Windows Operating system Software Utility. We have this utility on file and email it to your free of chage when you purchase a cash register from HOTPOS.


This is probably the most important consideration for any technology purchase, especially when you retail business relies on the cash register for security and sales information

So please keep in mind:

When you buy Cash Registers online from HotPOS, you can be sure you are getting a quality brand and register that is simple to setup.

  • Every cash register we sell comes with FREE Email Support for Life!
  • PLUS you will also receive our Single Page Easy Setup Guide and YouTube Setup Videos!
  • You also get FREE access to our Dedicated Help Website that has all the info you need for your Cash Register.
  • With 10 Years Industry experience, you can by with confidence!

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