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 POS Hardware Components Description Published: 1st Jan, 2010  


If you are just starting your swin into the vast ocean of POS, then read the information below. It gives you a basic description of the main POS hardware components required to make a complete system. At HotPOS we do sympathise with the horror stories some people have with some POS hardware and software. This technology does require some nous and experience to implement. If you've been caught out and need a hand, we'd love to help. Call HotPOS on 1300 735 919 to get some assistance with your existing system or to buys some new equipment

Computer / Workstation
A workstation is the core component that powers all of the peripheral hardware. The core PC houses the POS software that processes all of the data.

A monitor is the screen used to visually display the transaction. Some monitors include a touch screen capabilities, allowing users to select information directly from a graphical user interface by simply touching the correct area of the screen with their finger. Other monitors are used for display purposes, relying on input from other hardware devices to display the data.

Server (optional for small business)
A server is just another computer, usually networked to the computer workstation, the server houses all of the data pertinent to the pos system. This keeps data locked in one secure place.

Pole Display
In retail environments, a pole display is often used to display to the customer the total price.

Bar Code Scanner
Bar code scanner allows a cashier to quickly scan a product's bar code and UPC. The information is then sent to the main system, which matches the bar code information with information in the inventory database. Bar code readers can greatly enhance your efficiency and customer turnaround.

Credit Card Swipe
The credit card swipe integrates with point of sale system to quickly approve a customer's credit card, and log the transaction with in the system. As use of debit/credit cards becomes more and more popular, having a credit card swipe is vital to your business success.

Receipt printer
Receipt's can be printed directly from the POS quickly and more efficiently than a standard cash register. The printer can cut the receipt on it's own, as well as print custom information such as your store logo and contact information. For branding and marketing this is indeed a valuable tool.

Cash Drawers
You need a secure, organized place to store the currency you receive in a transaction. What better place than a cash drawer? Cash drawers are designed to keep your cash organized

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