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Cino FBC-6860 barcode scanner Printable Version

 Product Description
Please note this has now been superceded by the Cino F780.

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FuzzyScan Cino FBC-6800 series Linear Imager has been designed to replace traditional laser bar code scanner with lower cost. Equipped with the new generation light intensifier and optical design, all FBC-6800 series Long Range Model gives sharply visible high intensity aiming line and distance bar code capture even from 12 away.

Aimed at high-density data capture, the FBC6800HD series are designed with extra delicate optics. For the applications of high-density labels in electronic and fine jewelry industries, the FBC6800HD can easily capture the bar code image with elegant aiming line. Up to 2.7-mil reading resolution, FBC6800HD is pushing the reading performance to top of its class.

With more than 200 sophisticate programmable parameters and the Universal Interface feature, one single unit of the FBC-6800 can work with more than 60 different host machines through various user-replaceable interface cable converters to meet any requirements. Unique NeuroFuzzy decoding engine drives FBC-6800 to perform fast and accurate scanning, even for the +/- 200% distorted bar code images. Its superior readability gives great productivity to all data collection application.

Working with the Windows comparable utility: PowerTool, all jobs of configuration setup, parameter download and upload, program upgrade, and on-line diagnosis could be done with ease at your fingertip.


  • Bright aiming line for a distance of 12" reading and visibility
  • High speed scanning, 300 scans/sec, for snappy bar code capture
  • Built-in flash memory for Field Upgrade to ensure investment guaranty
  • All-in-one universal host interface for more than 60 host machines, including USB, Notebook PC & IBM ThinkPad
  • keyboard Direct-link
  • Capable of Automatic Caps-lock detection & Composed-key emulation
  • Unique NeuroFuzzy decoding engine for +/- 200% bar code image tolerance readability
  • Useful Windows utility, FuzzyScan PowerTool, capable of performing on-screen configuration, program upgrade, and in-line diagnosis
  • Embedded outstanding DataWizard to meet most data editing requirements


Model FBC-6000 LR FBC-6000 HD
PCS Typical 0.45 (0.26mm Resolution) Typical 0.3 (0.26mm Resolution)
Resolution Maximum 0.127mm(5mil), 0.1mm(4mil) capture is possible Maximum 0.076mm(3mil), 0.068mm(2.7mil) capture is possible
Depth of Field 0.127mm (5mil) resolution, Up to 4-5 inches (Code 39, PCS=0.9)

0.33mm (13mil) resolution, up to 7-8 inches
(Code 39, PCS=0.9)

0.66mm (26mil) resolution, up to 10-12 inches
(Code 39, PCS=0.9)

1.0mm (40mil) resolution, up to 16-18 inches
(Code 39, PCS=0.9)

1.375mm (55mil) resolution, up to 18-20 inches
(Code 39, PCS=0.9) 0.076mm (3mil) resolution, Up to 2-3 inches
(Code 39, PCS=0.9)

0.2mm (8mil) resolution, up to 5-6 inches
(Code 39, PCS=0.9)

0.33mm (13mil) resolution, up to 7-8 inches
(Code 39, PCS=0.9)

0.66mm (26mil) resolution, up to 8-10 inches
(Code 39, PCS=0.9)

1.0mm (40mil) resolution, up to 12-14 inches
(Code 39, PCS=0.9)
Scan Engine Long range / High density linear imager with 300 scan/sec scanning speed
Power Consumption Low Power Standby: Maximum 0.1mA (TBD)
Regular Operation: Typical 150mA (without interface cable converter)
Readable Bar Code
Symbologies Codabar & NW-7 Code 128 & UCC/EAN-128
Code 39 & Full ASCII Code 39 Code 11 & Code 93
Code 32 & IATA German ITF Postal Code
UPC/EAN/JAN/CAN w/Addendum Mainland China Postal Code
Standard & Industrial 2 of 5 Telepen (Numeric & Full ASCII)
Interleaved & Matrix 2 of 5 MSI/Plessey & UK/Plessey

Operating Modes Toggle mode Flash mode Force mode Alternative mode
Trigger mode Level mode Diagnostic mode Low power mode

Host Interfaces FBC-6860 LR

  • FBC-6860 HD Keyboard interface:
  • IBM PC/XT, PC/AT, PS/2 keyboard wedge
  • Compaq, HP Vectra PC keyboard wedge
  • Generic PC/AT, PS/2 keyboard direct-link
  • Generic Notebook PC keyboard direct-link
  • Apple MAC Power MAC ADB keyboard wedge direct-link
  • IBM ThinkPad keyboard wedge direct-link
  • Cino OmniKey VersaNet direct-link
  • IBM SourOne keyboard wedge serial interface

RS232 Interface:

  • Standard/TTL RS-232 peer-to-peer serial interface
  • Standard/TTL RS-232 serial wedge
  • Pseudo (Inverted) RS-232 serial interface
  • Laser Emulation Wand emulation

USB keyboard interface:

  • USB direct-link

USB Serial interface:

  • USB direct-link
  • FBC-6870 LR

FBC-6870 HD All interfaces for FBC-6860 and following interfaces:

  • IBM PS/55 PS/V keyboard wedge
  • Hitachi Flora KB1100 KB3100 keyboard wedge
  • DOS/V keyboard wedge direct-link
  • Fujitsu FMV keyboard wedge
  • NEC NX Notebook keyboard direct-link
  • NEC PC-98xx keyboard wedge
  • Kana-key detection is available for several host interfaces.
  • FBC6880 LR

FBC6880 HD All interfaces for FBC-6870 and following interfaces:

  • Wyse, DEC, IBM, and Bull terminal keyboard wedge
  • Various OCIA interfaces IBM 4683/4694 interface

*Only available for OEM/ODM request.
Configuration Setup Bar code programming manual
Windows utility - FuzzyScan PowerTool(Universal models only)
Data Editing Condensed DataWizard via bar code programming manual
Full-feature DataWizard via FuzzyScan PowerTool (Universal models only)
Special Features Built-in flash memory for Field Upgrade via FuzzyScan PowerTool
(Available for all Universal models)
Cable Structure Snap-in cable mechanism for various host interface connections

Manufacturer:  Cino
Cino FBC-6860 barcode scanner
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  Features & Specifications
Comes with:   scanner, cable
Scan Type:   CCD
Ease of Setup:   easy for end user
Powered by:   PC for USB connection (serial req's Power supply)
Typical User:   Retail store
Min Barcode Size:   5mm High
Warranty (not cable):   N/A

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